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Disaster Management

Refugee Center Management

Destruction from natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornados is not preventable. Effective management of supplies, rescue personnel, and refugees in the wake of such disasters is the only manner for aid-giving organizations to complete their missions. Alpha Tactical Solutions' disaster courses teach first responders to react to infrastructure failure. After completion of our program our students will save lives, treat casualties when hospital care is not available, and establish, secure and maintain refugee camps. These courses are taught and developed by US Navy Seabees, former UN and NATO peacekeepers, US Coast Guard personnel, and US Army Civil Affairs personnel.

Following natural and man-made disasters, the ensuing chaos can cripple an organization's ability to effectively render aid to those in need. Prior to the establishment of civil order, it is often incumbent upon non-governmental organizations to deliver necessary services to the population. Security for personnel working these assignments is always a major concern.

Alpha Tactical Solutions has developed a simple and effective means to secure aid workers while delivering services. We have taken lessons learned from Haiti, Katrina, Sudan, Afghanistan, and the Balkans, and created a systematic approach to keeping people safe and secure while providing medical attention, establishing refugee camps, and delivering other civil services.

Course instructors are expert presenters with recent and applicable field experience in securing civil services in conflict zones. There is a dynamic blend of interactive lecture, hands-on scenarios, and case studies.

This course of instruction includes:

-Disaster planning
-Improvised infrastructure management
-Refugee camp establishment
-Logistical management
-Human security techniques
-Medical Triage Establishment
-Base-camp Security