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Tactical Medicine

This is an intense course that will prepare your personnel to save lives. United States Army medics, ER doctors, and ER nurses spent years developing the material. The initial driving force behind the course was to improve the operational capabilities of soldiers while deployed overseas, facing the impending threat of improvised explosive devices, mines, shrapnel, and gunshot wounds. The tactics worked, and lives were saved. Alpha Tactical instructors exported this course back to the homeland and applied it to the Los Angeles Police Department's plainclothes counter-terrorism unit. The versatility of these tactics and the ability to relate them to a multitude of operational environments is tantamount to mission success.

This course of instruction includes:

-Movement to contact
-Care under fire
-Blast injury treatment
-Penetration injury treatment (gunshot and shrapnel)
-Casualty evacuation
-Intensive trauma lanes
-Terrorist tactics
-Counter-terrorism strategies


-CPR / BLS (Basic Life Support)
-ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
-PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)