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Samuel Wagner has a combined 29 years of studying, teaching, and competing in Martial Arts. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (1983), Isshin Ryu Karate(1987), and Jujitsu(1990). He is also a 3x national kick boxing champion. While competing, Sam Wagner was an assistant instructor at Bowling Green University in Ohio. From 1989-1994 he was a private instructor, coaching and training fighters to compete in national competitions. In 1995, Sam opened Bushido Martial Arts Academy in Colorado Springs Co.  While in Colorado, he performed hundreds of demonstrations for youth groups, health organizations, elementary schools, and colleges. He also taught many rape prevention classes.

 Firearms Experience

Samuel Wagner grew up hunting and shooting at a young age with his father where he learned the basics of shooting. In 1992 Samuel joined the Army and learned tactical shooting and was an expert marksman. He attended RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) where he gained more knowledge and his shooting skills grew. After his military service Samuel combined his knowledge of shooting and his love for the Martial Arts and started to teach unarmed knife and gun defense. Since then Samuel, has taken the Idaho Enhanced Carry class and completed the NRA Pistol Instructor course and is now an NRA Instructor. Over the past few years Samuel has not only shot firearms but built many tactical rifles for home defense and sport shooting. 

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